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Are you searching for the
longest lasting AR steel wear plate?

Discover what steel vendors do not want you to know.

You can now determine which steel will last the longest, even before you write your purchase order.

Hello; I am Rich Fercy, and welcome to WearAnswers.com.  Here I reveal the answers to longer steel wear life, hidden from you, by the people you have been buying from for decades.

Before reordering the same steel you always use; download this free report and AR steel comparison guide now.   Enter your information into the form on the right side of the screen.

The report uses plain words to show you how to evaluate different wear plates, so you get the longest possible life.  After all, you are investing your hard earned money.

If you have an immediate urgent need, and don’t have time to read the report right now; call me at (920) Eight-Five-Eight-3252.

To make it even easier to understand, I created a wear plate pizza video series.  Here I compare pizza to wear resistant steel using common language.  Now anyone can understand what makes a difference; what to watch for, and why.

Previously only metallurgists knew these secrets.  After you learn them, you will be able to determine the longest lasting steel for your specific applications, in as little as 45 seconds.

I work with metallurgists and will translate their ‘foreign language’ into practical information you can understand.

Get started right now.  Help your savings go straight to your bottom line.

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The Answer to your wear resistent steel challenges