Many people have seen a transcript of Vince Lombardi’s famous speech, “What it takes to be No. 1”.

At a fund raiser for the Gilbert Brown Foundation recently, I was the high bidder for a framed photo of Vince with a copy of this speech.

People remember the first paragraph,

“Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all-the-time thing. You don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is a Habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”

But in the speech, there is a line before this paragraph, and it is only six words long.

Those six words sum up everything Vince Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers represented:

“You’ve got to pay the price.”

If you are on the football field, you have to be in top physical condition, and be able to play through pain.

Bill Schroeder was one of the Packers’ wide receivers in their 1996 & 97 Super Bowl games. In conversation with Bill, he mentioned while in college he was first a track athlete; then a football player. At a large track meet, he spiked his leg down to the shin bone during the long jump.

Immediately after the injury, the coach said they needed him for the 4×100 relay team. This was an event he was working on, waiting for a chance to break into the starting lineup. All his preparation for this single opportunity; and here he was with a badly banged up leg. Bill reached deep inside himself and ran the race. The result was a new record time in the 4×100 for the UW-La Crosse Track Team, despite his injury.

Bill paid the price necessary to get the win. He is without question the most competitive individual I have ever seen, in any business or sport. At any level of competition, I would want Bill on my team.

What does this have to do with wear resistant steel?
Working with industries that specialize in wearing out steel, you realize it will cost a bit more to get the best performance . Yet this economy has people second guessing themselves. They will periodically try cheaper steel that doesn’t last nearly as long, just to make ends meet.

When you choose price over performance, you will need to change it out earlier than the proper material would have required.

I will never ask you to pay more money for any material, if the performance does not justify the cost difference.

If you only compare initial price, I am naturally going to be higher than most.  If you make your decision on the value of your purchase to get the job done, you know it is the only choice.

When you invest in higher performance, you can walk away from the project and rest easy knowing it will not let you down.

Rich Fercy

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