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Customer Results – Pulp and Paper

“Your service is better than your products, and your products are excellent!  You can’t say it any easier than that.”
Wausau Specialty Papers, Mosinee WI

“As a Maintenance Planner, when the first person through your door in the morning says, “You have to come and see the wear plate you bought for the chip discharge chute”; you know it’s not going to be a good day. I was brought down to look at the Super-C wear plate. It had “just gotten shiney” after a year in service.”
Packaging Corporation of America, Tomahawk WI

“We have used many types of material for the liner in our #2 Power Boiler ID fan over the years, from AR360 diamond plate, ceramic tiles, to chrome carbide overlaid plate with a straight weld pattern. We never got more than one year run time out of any of it.

We finally had the liner made out of 1/2″ Super-C with the serpentine weld pattern and we are going on 2 years of run time with this liner & I am expecting it to only require some weld overlay to get another year.  The wear rate last year was only a few 10/1000ths. The serpentine pattern is the key I believe. It throws the sand in the flue gas out away from the liner as it is impacting it so it can’t continue to fly around the circumference & wear it out.”
Verso Paper, Wisconsin Rapids WI

The Answer to your wear resistent steel challenges