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Be certain to check out these testimonials to see the dramatic increases my customers have achieved in controlling their “former wear problems”.

Here are a few applications listing where we have delivered longer life for our Foundry Customers.

Shaker Decks

Get longer shaker table decks by using TriBraze, a through- hardened wear plate.  AR400 by comparison, is usually hardened only on the top & bottom surfaces.


Water jet cutting the back-draft holes delivers longer life and prevents plugging.  TriBraze resists wear so much better than AR400, it takes much longer to water jet cut the same size holes.



Rotary drums are becoming more popular for casting cleanup.  The machines that utilize OEM cast segments are expensive and at 280 lb segments are  heavy & exhaustive to install.

Here is a competitors cast liner segment with a worn lifter section. White cast iron is un-weldable making preventative or repairs with hardsurfacing unavailable.


Utilizing 1″ thick formed TriBraze ring sections in place of the cast segments, the foundry is achieving substantially longer life and easier installation.  Maintenance has dropped from 40 man hours per month to 2 man hours per month.


Tricon Wear Solutions can fabricate liners, screens or rotary drum assemblies for your specific applications.

The inside of a rotary drum made of TriBraze wear liners.

Muller_Plow_Mixer_Arms (1)

Muller mixer plows see constant abrasion wear from the sand.

Kohler Co® was getting 4 weeks from AR400 mixers with carbide inserts.  Going to TriBraze materials, the mixers now deliver five months of service.

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Get longer life and more profitability with TriBraze and Super-C wear resistant plates.

Prime Arc welding products are recommended for all joining and hardsurfacing applications.

The Answer to your wear resistent steel challenges