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An assortment of mining application photos:

Haul Truck Bed liner – note the tight fit to the bed and the serpentine

joint designed to prevent the welds from wearing out prematurely

We have fitted many different sizes of haul truck bed liners.  Order complete sets or single components.

28_Cubic_Yard_Bucket_RebuildHere I am with a 35 yd clam shell bucket in our Chicago area shop for a rebuild.

Note the 4″ thick wear bands at top left.


The inside of the 35 yd bucket.  Steve is 6′ tall for reference.


Stacker reclaimer buckets

Here they are in process

And ready to ship

Iron Ore, Copper, Nickel, Coal or Gold;  our experience in delivering longer life for

your mining equipment will deliver more uptime and profits. 

The Answer to your wear resistent steel challenges