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Blow Tank
Blow Nozzles-Various sizes
Blow Tank Target Plate Deflection Angle
Removable Impact Liner for Blow Tank
Top Section
Transition to Base Blow Tank
Wear Plate for Roof of Blow Tank


Discharge Chute on Bucket Elevator
Feed Chute for Rotary Cooler

Deflector Plates
Blow Line
Hydrapulper Deflector Plates
Shroud and Deflector Plates


Knife Ring for Refibrilizer Screen
Refibrilizer Screen

Screw Conveyors
Repulper Screw
Screw for Thick Stock Pump Conveyor
Bark Washer Screw
Vortex Screw for Digester Inline Drainer

Chip Silos
Complete Turntables
Tapered Trunnion Wheels
Turntable Top Plates

The Answer to your wear resistent steel challenges