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Click on the application category for a listing of Woodyard applications where we have delivered longer wear life:

Bark Chutes
Hooper Shredder Knives
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Debarking Drums
Feed Chutes
Feed Liners
Guide Ring
Guide Rollers Shaft
Debarking Drive Ring Sprockets
Debarking Drum Belly Bands
Debarking Drum Discharge Chute
Debarking Drum Drive Sprocket
Debarking Drum Swing Chain Roller
Debarking Drum Traction Ring
Infeed Conveyor
Inlet Plates
Carrier Wheels
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Blades And Knives
Bark Shredder Knives
Log Splitter Knife Assembly
Rotary And Stationary Card breakers
Rotary Blades
Shear Blades For Tree Shear
Tree Splitter Blade
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Bark Buckets
Chip Reclaimer Bucket
Elevator Bucket
Grit Bucket
Loader Buckets (all sizes)
Chipper Hoods
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Bark Boiler Feed Chute
Bark Crusher Chute
Chip Chute For Purchased Chip Feeder
Chipper Feed Chute
Conveyor Chute For Vibrator Conveyor
Debarking Drum Inlet Chutes
Head Chute To Chipper
Head Chute For Bark Conveyor
Head Chute For Refuse Conveyor
Head Chute To Silo
Infeed Chute For Feeder
Log Drum Inlet Chute
Reject Log Chute
Salt Cake Chute
Surge Bin Discharge Chute
Swing Chute For Bark Bin
Tripper Chip ChuteBark Transfer Chute
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Chip Bin Cone Cones For Dust Collection System
Metal Trap Cone
Open Cone For Shaker Screen
Top Cone For Shaker Screen
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Deflector Plates

Blow Line
Blow Tank Wear Plate
Shroud And Deflector Plates
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Screw Auger Conveyors
Bark Screw
Conveyor Screw For Bark Transfer
Groundwood Mill Chip Screw Conveyor
Live Bottom Screw Conveyor
Sand Separator Screw
Screw Conveyor For Chipper
Screw Conveyor For Screen
Click here for Screw Auger Photos
Head Pulleys
Tail & Head Shafts for Traveling Water Screen
Saw Blade
Bark Hogs
Long Log
Axle Saw
Barking and Debarking Drum
Bark Screen
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Doors And Gates
Diverter Triple Gate
Log Gates
Wear Plates For Flop Gates
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Chip Bin Section
Hog Fuel Hoppers
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Bottom Discharge Wear Plate
Debarking Drum Feed Chute Liners
Jackladder Drainage Plate
Log Flume Liners
Wear Bar For Reclaimer
Wear Plates For Roller Guide
Wear Strips for Jackladder
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Bar Screen For Tub Grinder
Clean Out Screens For Woodyard Flume
Grit And Bark Screens
Hi-Cap Rotex Screens
Long Log Slasher
Sawdust And Chip Screens
Screen For Bark Conveyor
Screen For Bottom Jackladder
Screen Cone
Screen For Purchased Bark Hog Fuel
Side Plate for Chip Vibration Screen
Screen Cages For Crusher
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We have just about everyone that you need jsw_sprocket
including split sprockets to minimize labor hours needed to change your sprockets.
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