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An assortment of photographs of screw augers fabricated for various industries and locations.


Cone style augers from a bark bin feeder


All varieties of screw conveyor augers are created for your specific applications.  This allows us to fabricate or rebuild a screw conveyor that will increase the life of your equipment.


Control aggressive material applications that wear down the thickness and diameter of your flights by using tungsten carbideparticles on the periphery (edge of the flight).  


The tungsten particles are dropped into the molten weld puddle so they are “welded” in place.  This is very effective for longer life.


The barrel of screw augers are often severly worn in “drop zones” from abrasion. Control this wear by overlaying the barrel with a special hardsurfacing weld developed specifically for this application.  It can be applied between the flights in specific areas  or the entire length.

Woodyard bark bin feeder screws often have lugs on the periphery

to pull the bark into the system.  

Changes to the pitch, or distance between the flights, over any length are easily accomodated. 

Are you trying to adapt a standard offering that is not doing the job?

We’ll make what you need, rather than  to your requirements.


Specialized overlays, pattern, materials, etc., for testing or specific applications

will be marked to assure you are using the right tool for the right job.


Whether you require an entire assembly, or simply installing new

flights to refurbish your spares, we will deliver longer life.


The Answer to your wear resistent steel challenges